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  • Lesley Grahame

Question Time evening on a theme of of Peace and the Environment. March 28th

Norwich Quakers would like to invite you to a Question Time evening on 

a theme of Peace and the Environment on March 28th.

We hope to have one candidate from each main party and are asking them to

explain how their party would


    1)  Stop the threats to peace, climate and nature from getting even worse

    2)  Take the UK to net zero within their stated timescale


We welcome questions from other groups and individuals concerned with peace and environmental matters, ideally by email to by the 21st March, to allow us to collate them. There will be limited time for questions from the floor, in response to answers given on the night.


Our hope is that the candidates will consider the issues we put to them, and commit to representing us on at least some of them.  

It will be different from a hustings in that the candidates will have an opportunity to present their own and their party's visions and policies. They won't get to argue with each other but they will be listened to respectfully. 


The event is on March 28th at 7.30pm at Norwich Quaker Meeting House,

Upper Goat Lane, Norwich NR2 1EW.

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