About Quakers

Quakers believe there is something of God in everyone. We don't offer neat creeds or doctrine. Instead, we try to help each other work out how we should live. All people are welcome and accepted at a Quaker meeting, irrespective of their background.

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Quakerism is almost 400 years old. It's the common name for the Religious Society of Friends. It grew out of Christianity and today we also find meaning and value in other faiths and traditions. We recognise that there's something transcendent and precious in every person. Different Quakers use different words to describe this, but we all believe we can be in contact with it and encounter something beyond our individual selves.

Our Meetings for Worship take place each Sunday 10.45am - 11.45am and on Wednesdays 12.30am - 1.00pm in the Goat Lane Meeting House.

On the second Sunday in every month we have a children’s meeting.

Why not come along and experience a Quaker meeting for yourself?

You can learn more about Quakers from our national website.


We run twice-monthly optional sessions for newcomers - a chance to find out more about Quakers and ask questions - after the regular Sunday meetings in the Goat Lane Meeting House. Please get in contact with us if you want to know more details. 

If you would like to attend our online Meeting for Worship then please get in contact with us

Order your free Quaker information pack here. It’s a great way to start your Quaker journey.

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