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18th Norwich Peace Camp

The 18th Norwich Peace Camp and Peace Cycle took place on Saturday 15th June, at the Hay Hill Octagon Room.

Some things stayed the same - we had stalls from longstanding consistent peace campaigns like CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) and  Stop the War Coalition. The Mayor and Sherriff came along and waved off the Peace Cyclists

Some welcome new additions included block printing from Extinction Rebellion and a Climate Cafe from Mind. Woodcraft Folk put up a splendid banner to advertise the day in advance on St Peter Mancroft's church railings and offered activities for children during the Peace Camp. The church were very generous in allowing us to use their Octagon room, with a kitchen that meant we could offer tea and cake. 

Access and visiblility were both reduced by works on Hay Hill, however the afternoon's cloudburst brought us a new audience of people taking shelter from the storm.

We look forward to a more open space next year when the HayHill works are completed.

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