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Friends, friends and Ffriends

I'd been puzzled for a while as to why emails inviting me to join our zoom Meeting for Worship usually open with word 'Ffriends'. At first I thought it was a typo, then as it was repeated each week I began to get curious, so did a little research

The word Ffriends has I learned been used for centuries in Quaker communication and recognises that while members are Friends, those not in Quaker membership are our friends. This was new to me, and may also be new to you, but I rather like it, as it is both inclusive and just a little quaint.

As I am a trustee of a Quaker charity that this month welcomes its first non-Quakers to the Board, I will have the opportunity to use the word Ffriends and see if my fellow trustees pick me up for what at first sight is an error, but to the enlightened, is just good manners.

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