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Free Range Human - Harry Harris

As someone who has always referred to himself as a ‘free range human being’, I have never been drawn towards any kind of organised religion. And apart from the typical visits to any place of worship, such as weddings, christenings and funerals, have never really felt that I was drawn towards a place of worship.

However, I have been attending Quaker meetings now for over eighteen months, not every week, but when my busy lifestyle allows. And I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the time I spend at meetings. At no point has any belief, or even no belief been pushed upon me and this has allowed me to have very open and useful conversations about why individuals seek to meet up each Sunday morning.

The quietness that is a Quaker meeting allows me the room to think, not think or typically make sense of the week passed without the distractions of daily life or electronics.

It is a very powerful experience in a way I am still to put my finger on.

Harry Harris

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