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  • Lesley Grahame

This month's appeal

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is the formal name of the main organisation of Quakers in Britain. It is made up of different meetings, groups and committees. Most of our work is done by volunteers within our worshipping community with support from Britain Yearly Meeting's paid staff.

It's the national organisation that we, as Quakers belong to, and that belongs to us.  

It does 'central work' on our behalf and we do local and regional work as part of a wider movement.

Our Quaker way is not a religion for Sundays, but  a community, a guideline, a spiritual home for life.

From BYM we see action to address

• addiction issues, accompaniment for people in danger, analysis of bereavement

•      conflict resolution tools

•      disarmament work

•      environmental and economic 1 analysis and toolkits

•      Faith and Practice - the book

•      YM  Gathering

•      Quaker Housing Trust

•      Integrity as a qualification for public life

•      Justice campaigns of many kinds

•      Kicking out racism

•      Love as THE guiding principle

•      Mindfulness in money and all dealings

•      Narratives to live by, analysis and unpacking of false narratives used to sow hatred 

•      Organisational capacity to make us a Powerful force for good in politics

•      Queer friendly space, and we pioneered same-sex marriage

•      Reparations – a concept that was once taboo, and is now part of climate discussion to address inequality, via the machanism of loss and damage, that Quakers so effectively advocated at COP 26

•      Services like safeguarding 

•      Times for Transformational tranquility

•      Understanding for friends and adversaries alike, not least at the UN - QUNO, EAPPI -

•      Volunteering 

•      Willingness to serve, wonder at the world

•      eXtreme conscientiousness

•      Yearly Meeting where we come together (UK wide)  for inspiration and to determine ways forward

•      Zero - the number of things we're not allowed to talk about – ok, I struggled with z, but you get my drift?

Norwich Meeting is a bunch of Ffriends, but it's also a part of something bigger – a global community that is much louder than its numbers.


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