Welcome to Norwich Quaker Meeting

Quakers have been meeting in Norwich since the 1670s. We are a faith group, committed to working together for equality and peace. We share our city centre Meeting House with many community and voluntary groups, who value our convenient location and affordable hire rates.

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About Quakers

Quakers believe there is something of God in everyone. We don't offer neat creeds or doctrine. Instead, we try to help each other work out how we should live. All people are welcome and accepted at a Quaker meeting, irrespective of their background.

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Our Meeting House is home to more than 80 voluntary and community groups who use our rooms throughout the year. We also host social gatherings. We welcome groups and individuals who are in sympathy with our Quaker values.

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Norwich Quakers have played a role in leading social change for generations. Quakerism is a lived faith, not just something we think about on Sunday mornings. We each strive to live a good life, guided by what we call our Quaker testimonies.

Latest News & Views

Visit our blog page to read what Norwich Quakers have to say about our world today. Learn about events we are planning and opportunities to get involved in local Quaker life.