• Norwich Quaker Meeting

Heritage Open Day, Saturday, 11th September, 2021

Norwich Quakers Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane is open to the the public every year as part of the annual ten-day Norwich Heritage Open Days held in September. All are welcome to visit this historic building, erected in 1826, the spiritual home of many local Quakers ever since.

As part of the Norwich Heritage Days in 2021, on the 11th of September, visitors were welcomed by local Quakers throughout the day, invited to explore the building and to view the exhibition of climate change banners, and the history boards that explain the rich history of the Norwich Quakers since the seventeenth century, the history of the Norwich Meeting Houses and of well-known Norwich Quakers like the Gurney family of Earlham Hall, Thomas Buxton, Elizabeth Fry and Amelia Opie. A lively audience of around 60 visitors attended the talk about the history of the building and how Norwich Quakers make use of it to support activities which are in line with their Testimonies to Simplicity, Equality, Truth & Integrity, Peace & Sustainability.

Come and see us next year - keep an eye on the Norwich Heritage Days website:

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