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Beccles Event: What do Quakers believe?

Date:May 26 2023 Time:12:30 pm - 02:00 pm Beccles Friends Meeting House, 15a Smallgate, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9AB

Quakerism grew out of Christianity but today it also finds value in the meaning and wisdom of this and other faiths and traditions. People of all faiths, and none, are welcome at a Quaker meeting. We have no creeds or doctrine – instead we are encouraged to be seekers, open to new light, from wherever it comes.

So – what do Quakers believe? Quaker beliefs can vary among individuals but we can detect common threads. These include the ongoing search for ‘truth’, the importance of personal experience and the inner voice, a sense of ‘something beyond ourselves’ that unites us all and of course the importance of silence.

In this discussion we will explore these common threads and identify others. What do they actually mean and do they lead to the spiritual growth we all seek? Is this diversity of beliefs a positive feature of Quakerism or are we trying to be all things to all people, burying our differences in the silence and not finding a common language to explore our spiritual beliefs together?

Please join us on 26 May at 12.30pm at the Friends Meeting House (15a Smallgate, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9AB) for a Quaker meeting followed by tea/coffee and biscuits and then for the discussion until 2pm.

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