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Are you planning a fresh start in 2024?

Long winter evenings, a blazing long fire and a warm drink are the perfect setting to reflect on the meaning of life. Are we here for a reason? What can we realistically each do to make the world a better place? Surely there must be some point to the drudgery of our daily toil? Here’s your opportunity to prepare to make 2024 a very different year; perhaps even make a fresh start.

Somerset Maugham once said that; ‘The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself,’ which is exactly what Quakers strive to do in the stillness of their weekly worship. There are no ordained ministers, no order of service and no liturgy or hymns. Instead each person finds their own space within the collective act of worship and over time, comes to understand what life means for them.

This November you have the opportunity to learn more about the Quaker way by attending one or all of a series of five informal evening discussions. You will hear local Quakers explain what being a Quaker means to them, and have the opportunity to ask questions. The programme runs on Monday evenings, from seven until nine at the Norwich Quaker Meeting House on Upper Goat Lane (near the Guildhall)

Themes are:

· Mon 6 Nov – What it means to be a Quaker

· Mon 13 Nov – Why Quakers promote peace and equality

· Mon 20 Nov – Why Quakers value simplicity and sustainability

· Mon 27 Nov- How Quakers interpret God

· Mon 4 Dec – Shared supper and conversation

You don’t need to attend them all, although you are welcome to do so. There is no need to book, no fee and no obligation to return again if you find it is not for you. From past experience, we know that the conversations will be wide ranging and the evenings interesting. Why not come along and see?

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